Wilton Connecticut Limo and Car Service


Wilton Connecticut was officially made a town in the year 1802 by the Connecticut General Assembly Charter. It is known for its anti-slavery actions such as an escape route for slaves. Wilton CT has a great rural heritage that has not been erased by the modernity brought about by the several inventions seen today. It is a town full of open lands, historic architecture, and extensive town services. One of the flourishing services in the town is the Airport and Car Service in Wilton CT offered by Daisy Limo. In its quest to expand its services Daisy Limo has begun offering Wilton Connecticut Limo and Car Service. Known for our elegant and prestigious services we are fast becoming enviable in the Limousine Service in Wilton CT. The residents of Wilton CT are loyally embracing our services. Wilton Connecticut Limo and Airport Service has made it much easier for the resident to make flexible travel plans. Do not have to rely on public transport as the only mode of ground Transportation and Airport Service in Wilton Connecticut. Transport to events such as Minks to Sinks that are biennial, Ambler Farm Day, and the CNSW Pumpkin Festival is availed by Daisy Limo services.

Visitors who love the history and culture of the area can visit the Wilton Heritage Museum and the Weir Farm National Historic Site. Allens Meadows Park, The Woodcock Nature Center, Schencks Island Park, and Cherry Lane Park are perfect places to tour as well. One can also appreciate sports and other fitness happenings at the Rolling Hills Country Club, the Wilton Riding Club, and the Silvermine Golf Club. The Cannon Grange Agronomic Fair and the Wilton Rotary Celebration are some of the yearly celebrations in the municipality of Wilton CT.

Wilton CT Black Car Service offered by Daisy Limo has received a myriad of opinions from residents. However, for us, it is a service which we use to fulfill the needs of customers who do not feel comfortable in other modes of transport. They make a reservation for specific kinds of services which we gladly offer. Our Newark Airport Car Service is meant to help clients find a Reliable Limo Service in Wilton CT. It offers convenience in transport for customers from Wilton Connecticut to Newark Airport and from Newark Airport to Wilton CT. Daisy Limo service in Connecticut has a bright future as it assists clients in finding a reliable Car Service in Wilton CT and many other towns. We not only offer Car service from Wilton CT to JFK Airport but also have Car service from Wilton Connecticut to LGA Airport. Our domestic airports are not left out in our quest to offer above-par services. This explains the reason for the existence of our Morristown Airport limo service and the Teterboro Airport limo service. Morristown Airport and Teterboro Airport are 23 miles and 14 miles away from Wilton respectively.

Quality and efficiency in offering service is our trademark. We do so by insisting on delivering reliable airport service. We offer private jet services and FBO that suit the unique needs of our customers. This package includes on-time Limo Service which our frequent Business Travelers have proof of. We make an offer to walk you through our beautiful journeying experiences as you undertake your day-to-day activities. Ranging from business activities to business activities to adventure, we pledge to offer the best jet, limo, and car airport services to you. Our employees are well trained to consistently offer services with courtesy, friendliness, and yet not compromising on professionalism. You can reach us on 973-340-8777 and make reservations for our services.


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