Westport Connecticut Limo and Car Service


Westport Connecticut was incorporated on May 28, 1835. In the early days, Westport Connecticut was known for growing onions on a large scale and this led to it becoming agricultural. However, an onion disease known as blight killed this industry. Agriculture was replaced by machines and factories which translated Westport Connecticut into an industrial community. In spite of that, Westport Connecticut was also known as creative heaven due to the surge of artists, musicians, and authors into the town in the 1910s. This background forms the basis of the airport and car service in Westport CT. Daisy limo is a part of Westport CT Limo and Car Service. The rich history of Westport Connecticut has made it much easier for the Limousine Service in Westport CT gain ground. This is because visitors keep flocking into the town with different intents. Some seek to visit parks such as Sherwood Island State Park and Longshore Club Park. Besides tourists can visit Compo Beach which exhibits a beautiful panorama. Daisy Limo services provide sufficient Westport Connecticut Limo and Airport Service. The ground Transportation and Airport Service in Westport CT has really been boosted by our operations in the area.

There are numerous places of prevalent tourist fascinations in and around Westport Connecticut. One can tour the Nature Center for Environmental Happenings Library, the Greens Farm Location, the Mid Fairfield Youth Museum, the Roenick Observatory, and the Westport Town Hall. There are abundant shopping centers dotting the streets of this city. In addition, Westport Connecticut hosts annual festivities like the Yankee Doodle Fair and the Fiesta Del Norte

One of the preeminent services that we provide is the Westport Connecticut Executive Car Service. This is a service that targets most of the affluent people in Westport CT. It is important to note that Westport is among the towns in which affluent people reside. Residents of this town require services ranging from private jet hires, long-range drives, FBO, and limo service. Most of the private jet hires are done at the Newark Airport Car Service. Once one lands at the airport, it is not difficult to find a Reliable Limo Service Westport CT to ferry you from Westport Connecticut to Newark Airport. The distance of about 50 miles from Newark Airport to Westport Connecticut has made Daisy Limo’s service in Connecticut to be at its best. Finding a reliable Car Service in Westport CT could have only been a dream. We offer Car service from Westport Connecticut to JFK Airport and Car service from Westport CT to LGA Airport. Other minor airports like Morristown and Teterboro also enjoy our services through the Morristown Airport limo service and Teterboro Airport limo service.

The anchor of our services is the provision of Reliable Airport Service. Our pilots are well trained and are always ready to offer our customers great flights. The legacy of granting on-time Limo Service is still ours and we strive to maintain this quality. The frequent Business Travelers have enjoyed a lot of services from us. As such most of them form our customer base. They have frequently had a unique feel for our services and keep referring many customers to us. Enjoy a great business trip by trying out the corporate-level services that we offer and you will come again and again. Call our 24/7 open line on 973-340-8777 and make a reservation for our services.


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