Travel can be an exciting proposition, but also a daunting one for some. The process of finding an affordable fare that fits nicely into your schedule can be tough, not to mention stressful. But there are a few simple practices to make the entire travel process flow a lot smoother. Because we all want life to be easier, right? When preparing for a trip, it is usually better to book far in advance, as the round trip fare will be less expensive. However, these days you can find more and more last minute deals among third party booking agencies. Most services, such as Expedia or Orbitz, will allow you to sign up for real-time alerts. In other words, the next time a half price ticket goes on sale to Hawaii or New York City; you’ll be on it right away!

You can find great deals on domestic as well as international travel if you are flexible. For instance, January tends to be the cheapest month for booking a ticket, as most people spend their hard earned cash on flights in December. It’s not without exception, though. During the Black Friday and Cyber Monday madness, some sites were offering flights for under $100 to select destinations in December. These tend to go away quickly, but if you sign up for email or smart phone alerts, you can snag them fast. While most destinations slow down during the winter months, New York remains overtly active. Vacationers might not see the city as a hotspot in January and February, but this drop off in tourism will benefit you. Plane ticket prices drop, as well as the rates of Manhattan’s most desirable hotels. With the money you’ll be saving on a room, you can attend a new Broadway show, eat at a luxurious restaurant in the village, and select a car service to transport you around town in comfort. Sometimes the coldest months can create the most promising adventure.

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Maneuvering through airports in the key cities can be a headache-inducing, which is why allowing plenty of time is the key. Arriving early is not the only thing you should do in advance. The process begins with booking your trip. That is why third party websites are so fantastic because they streamline the flight, hotel, and car rental process into a matter of clicks. Long gone are the days of calling airlines and hotels independently, which usually resulted in paying more than fixed prices for each. In 2015, the world was literally at the convenience of your fingertips. Once you master the online travel booking process, the rest is quite simple. Try to show up at the airport at least two hours before your trip, and check your phone for updates. Individual airlines will notify you directly if your flight is delayed or canceled, enabling you the power to reschedule at a moment’s notice. Plus, you never know when your phone will beep with an even better bargain. If you are open minded and flexible, a great trip could be waiting on the screen in front of you. Daisy Limousine offers top notch limo service in New Jersey; you can book your next ride online at



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