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Limo and Airport Car Service in New York City – NYC Limo Service

There are four main ways to be mobilized in New York City: walking, public transport, cab or limousine. Of course, you can drive your vehicle, but you may not be able to park. You can ride a bike, but you might have walkers trying to kick you off. Most people who live in the city either take a train or walk. Out of town visitors either take a cab or call a limousine service. Thus, the question arises:

Does limousine service in New York City provide the value for the level of service required?

There are minimum parameters placed on a successful limo service in New York City by the expectations of the clients. The minimum service must include professional drivers, sophisticated vehicles and competitive pricing.

Limousine services in New York City demand a level of professional drivers that is equal to a European-styled aristocratic service. Professional chauffeurs judged by appearance, exude an air of confidentiality, ability to limit their conversation to that which the client instigates and knowledge of routes that best avoid high traffic clogs. Drivers for limo services in New York City must be immaculate. They must appear to have just left a magazine and smell better than the Nordstrom’s cologne counter.

Professional drivers for limousine services in New York City must not smoke, eat or chew gum during the service or in the vehicle. They must show deference to the client as one would expect from a servant in 1850 Paris. They must deliberately avoid overhearing anything said to anyone else during the service. They must never need to be directed to a destination unless the client requests a unique route.

The limo services in New York City offer a variety of vehicle styles. Generally, there are three main styles preferred in New York City – Stretch limos, sophisticated sedans, and luxury SUVs. Regardless of the method, limousine services in New York City know that the vehicles must be as clean as they were when they arrived from the showroom and must smell as if no one else has ever been inside.

The stretch limousines are excellent for transporting large groups and for those who choose to be noticed if not recognized by the public. This style is most suitable for suburban areas as well as for events such as a wedding or graduation parties.

A luxurious, sophisticated sedan is more appreciated by the client who wants to arrive with presence rather than bravado. Limousine services in New York City who cater to priority clientele have discovered that the classic luxury sedan provides an image of sought by those in powerful positions and usually world travelers. These clients associate the elegant appearance with professional authority. The most desirable is the Mercedes or Lincoln Town Car.


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