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Maldives Travel Information

Western travelers overlook the Indian Ocean because it is literally on the other side of the globe. But the Maldives is a tropical hotspot for Eurasian and Middle Eastern travelers alike, and it isn’t hard to see why. If you’re looking for seclusion, the Maldives might make a great fit for your next vacation.

Laying square on the equator, the nation comprised of 1,192 coral islands, which grouped into a double chain of 26 atolls. Many of these privately owned, only accessible for the wealthiest of travelers. The largest city and capital of the Maldives is Male, which provides the most metropolitan feeling among the islands. However, Male is not nearly as bustling as other tropical cities like Honolulu, Hawaii or Nassau, Bahamas. After all, what other airport requires you to take a speedboat from the terminal to your hotel? Yep, things are pretty remote out here. But visitors don’t look at this fact with disdain. Instead, the most common descriptor they use is “relaxing.”

All flights from North America make at least one stop along the way to the Maldives. The most common airlines used to cover the 8,900-mile distance are Emirates and Qatar Airways, which include packages that take travelers through Dubai and Doha. When booking your trip, take into account the 12+-hour time difference from the U.S., in addition to the nearly 24-hour one-way air travel experience. It might seem like a bit of an effort, but for those looking to truly a getaway, there is nowhere this secluded. Not sold yet? Well, the record low temperature on the islands is a toasty 77 degrees Fahrenheit. Talk about a great place to spend January and February! Daisy Limo offers professional airport transportation service in tri-state area, when you need a limo service in New Jersey book your limo ride online or call Daisy limo.


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