Hawaii is the definition of a vacation getaway. It might be a state, but it is far different from the other 49. It is a series of islands with a culture all their own. From the hidden, serene beaches of Kauai to the bustling metropolis of Honolulu, this is where you should plan your next trip if you want to get away.

The best times to book a journey are from January through mid-March and late August through November. Understandably, the busiest seasons are around Christmas time as well as the entire summer. Weather wise, there is no off-season for perfect conditions. Located at a tropical latitude, Hawaii always nestled at around 80 degrees Fahrenheit, with just a tad bit of humidity. It is an ideal for any outdoor activity. The islands obviously geared for life outside of the house. If you want the ability to hike to volcanoes and visit the beach on the same day, then the big island is for you. Fly into Kona and sign up for a tour of Mona Loa, one of the world’s largest and tallest volcanoes. Tour companies provide transportation to and from the summit, which can reach from anywhere on the island in under an hour. But don’t forget to bring a jacket, as you’ll be ascending to around 13,000 feet above sea level. Of course, for those who prefer life on the sand, everywhere else in Hawaii will suffice. The beaches of Waikiki are a must see for first-time travelers. Plus, airfare to Honolulu is typically less expensive than the other cities on the islands. The choice is yours, so be sure to research all available options before booking the trip. When you plan your vacation, make sure to book your limo service in advance, call Daisy limousine if you need a limo service in New Jersey.

There are total of 8 Islands

  1. OAHU: Oahu is one of the most famous islands of Hawaii State. The famous Waikiki beaches, a ton of activities and Pearl Harbor are worth to visit.
  2. BIG ISLAND: The reason it’s called Big Island because it is the largest island of Hawaii State. There are beautiful waterfalls, tropical rainforest, botanical gardens and much more.
  3. MAUI: Maui Island is also known as the Valley Isle, and Maui is the second biggest island. West side of the Maui has some of the top beaches in the isle. Maui is one of the most popular honeymoon destinations.
  4. KAUAI: Kauai Island is known as the Garden Island, it is one of a king hot place to visit. Hiking, biking, snorkeling, zip lining, horse riding and many other activities are waiting for you at Kauai Island. Just kick back and relax after a long day when you do with activity.
  5. MOLOKAI: Molokai is an undeveloped island; if you love outdoor activities this is the place to go. Molokai has hidden caves, big waterfalls, coral reefs, rainforests, sea cliffs and sand dunes. There are more to discover at Molokai Island.
  6. LANAI: There are only 3000 people live in Lanai Island so that you won’t find many citizens in Lanai Island. Famous Manele beaches, Four-seasons resorts, and shopping stores located close to each other. You can see whales in the winter season. You can enjoy doing many activities such as; tennis, ATV, horseback riding, shooting, stand-up paddle boarding and much more.



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