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8 Tips to Make Your Upcoming Corporate Event a Big Success

It’s the first time you’re pulling a corporate event and you want it to be a hit. From lining the best public speakers to getting a top-notch venue booked for your event, you’re leaving no stone unturned. But is it enough to make your corporate event the talk of the town?

Here are a few tips and aspects for you to consider, which can help you make your event all the more successful.

  1. Stick to Schedule

We know how the weather and unforeseen circumstances can ruin an event. However, you should try your best to stick to the schedule of the event. This is needed so that the speakers can stick to their message and do not digress.

Also, it’s not just your own schedule which needs to be followed through and through. Your speaker’s schedule is just as valuable. Be respectful of their other commitments too.

  1. Decide the Theme of the Event

Are you planning to go for a casual event? Or perhaps a more formal and corporate event? Whatever you decide to go with, will ultimately affect the venue, marketing materials, and all the props. It might be helpful to answer the following questions, to determine the atmosphere of the event:

The goal of the event – Is the event about launching a product or a service? Is it a fundraiser or an event meant to educate and inspire?

The audience of the event – Is it families with kids or single and young audience you’re targeting?

Your event partners – Your event partners can also help you in brainstorming some unique food, beverage and venue ideas, making the event an unforgettable one.

  1. Plan Financially for the Event

Strong financial planning is needed to forecast all the expenses and costs. There’s always a possibility of some added costs, and that too, at the eleventh hour. Good budgeting practices will help you in accommodating this. Here are a few costs you must consider:

  • Cost of the hired venue
  • Cost of speakers or paid guests
  • Cost of rental equipment
  • Printing costs for leaflets and hard copy presentations
  • Cost of decorations and furnishings
  • Cost of marketing and promotion
  • Cost of catering
  1. Venue

Choosing the correct venue for your event is one of the most important aspects. Never go just by the pictures and always visit the venue in person before finalizing it. You cannot envision the whole atmosphere or the scale of the site from just the photographs.

One thing to be mindful of, before finalizing a venue is to see if it’s big enough for accommodating all attendees during dining, meetings, and breakout sessions.

Some other things to consider are:

Cost: Is the venue falling within your budget?

Location: Are all your attendees coming from a specific geographic region? If yes, then it’s appropriate to arrange a venue which is at a reasonable distance from all attendees.

If the attendees are coming from outside the town, you can arrange the venue near the airport or hotels.

Ambiance: The decorations inside the venue need to closely match the event you’ll be arranging. While for a gala, you might need more casual, for an expo, you’d need to go for décor and interior which is more sophisticated, urbane, and probably high-tech. You also need to see the architecture style and interior of the building as this too would influence the ambiance of the venue.

Service: This can include catering to guests. If so, then you might want to opt for a venue that has a kitchen. A venue having its own kitchen or one that has partnered with an excellent food vendor can prove to be a huge relief for you. Otherwise, it can dampen the dining experience for your guests.

Parking: This might seem like a small aspect to consider but parking can prove to be a boon or bane. It’s better to have a parking lot which the attendees can access. Otherwise, you might have to arrange for accessing a nearby area which you can reserve or rent out.

Layout: Of course, you need to have an idea about the whole venue. From finding out where all equipment is kept to where the outlets are, each thing needs to be seen. Get hold of a floor plan of each venue for your convenience.

  1. Hire a Limousine Car Service

When you’re commuting for business, you need to make the right travel arrangements to avoid wastage of time as well as any last-minute problems. For a stress-free and calm experience, let the company know about your travel schedule so they can make the arrangements accordingly.

The limousine service is an impressive amenity which can be availed by your guest speakers. By booking a limousine car service such as Daisy Limousine Service, you can give your guest speakers VIP treatment and acknowledge their presence by driving them to the venue in a hassle-free and stylish mode.

  1. Acoustics

Ever been to an event which was too loud for your ears or caused a din, drowning out all the other voices? That was because of poor acoustics. See to that too.

  1. Promote 

You have made all the arrangements. But until now, are you and your marketing team the only ones attending the event? If that is so, you need to put your heart and soul in marketing this event. Persuade people by showing them what they’ll miss out on, by not attending the event. Employ unconventional marketing tactics and inform people by telling them about the features of the event.

  1. Do Not Opt for Sit-Down Meals

Fine dining seems like the stuff dreams are made of but it’s nowhere near being reasonable or cost-effective for arranging a corporate event. A buffet meal is the way to go as it not only does away with the cost of table service and waiters but can also drastically reduce the money spent on the food itself.

Bringing It All Together

With these handy tips, your corporate event cannot only be a flawless one but also the one that spells success for your business.

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