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Thanksgiving travel

Thanksgiving travel Week

What to Expect and How to Get There Stress-Free

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, which means millions of Americans are gearing up for the busiest travel period of the year. As we all know Thanksgiving falls on Thursday, November 23rd, 2023.

Experts predict this will be one of the most active Thanksgiving travel periods, with crowded airports, busy roads, and packed public transit. US travel state expects to see a record traveling this year compared to the past few years since the pandemic.

Many people have been unable to see their loved ones due to the pandemic and are eager to reunite for the holidays. As a result, travelers should expect crowded conditions and longer wait times. However, it is important to remember that this is part of a larger effort to reconnect with family and friends.

Air Travel

Air Travel

Air Travel and Airports

According to the airline industry group Airlines for America, 34.8 million passengers are expected to fly this Thanksgiving. That’s up nearly 8% from 2021. Airports will be jam-packed, so travelers should arrive early, with TSA lines expected to peak Wednesday afternoon and Sunday evening.

Downloading your boarding pass ahead of time and enrolling in TSA PreCheck can save precious time. As commuters mix with holiday travelers, roadways will also be congested, particularly on Wednesday afternoon. The best times to drive are early morning on Thanksgiving Day, Wednesday before 11 am, or any time after 9 pm.

Transportation on Thanksgiving Day

Public transit, like trains and buses, will also be busy around Thanksgiving. I think booking tickets early is suggested. Travelers should be prepared for potential delays across all modes of transportation. Staying flexible is critical. AAA recommends travelers allow plenty of extra time when traveling around Thanksgiving.

Daisy Limousine Service in NJ still operates its transportation service on Thanksgiving day. However, we have limited availability due to advanced booking. We highly recommend our customers reserve Thanksgiving transportation early to secure their ride.

Packing snacks, water, medications, and phone chargers in your carry-on can help you stay comfortable amidst travel disruptions.

While Thanksgiving 2023 will be busy, planning helps you avoid the worst crowds. With the proper preparation, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy stress-free Thanksgiving holiday travels.

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