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How to go to Roosevelt Island, New York

Roosevelt Island: NYC’s Tranquil Escape Island

Roosevelt Island NYC is positioned uniquely on the East River, nestled between Manhattan and Queens, and serves as a peaceful oasis. The journey there becomes an adventure, thanks to the Roosevelt Island Tramway—many visitors who have never been on the Island wonder how to get there.

Originally called Minnahonck by the Lenape Native Americans, Roosevelt Island was renamed by Dutch settlers as Varckens Eylandt in 1637.

The Island has served various purposes throughout history, from being a prison camp for Confederate soldiers to a mental institution. Roosevelt Island was renamed in 1973 to honor President Franklin D. Roosevelt.



How to get to Roosevelt Island from NYC

Getting to Roosevelt Island is convenient, thanks to public transportation. To reach Roosevelt Island from Manhattan, you have two options. F train to Roosevelt Island Subway Station or Roosevelt Island Tramway every 15 minutes from 59th St and 2nd Ave Station.

Travelers from Queens take the Q102 bus, which conveniently drops off on Main Street. If you’re coming from further away, such as New Jersey, you can take NJ Transit to New York Penn Station and transfer to the F or the tram. Alternatively, rideshares like Uber and Lyft can take you to the Roosevelt Island Bridge for easy access. If you’re coming from one of New York’s airports, such as JFK and LGA, allow 45-60 minutes, depending on traffic.

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Things to do in Roosevelt Island, NY

This remarkable mode of transportation provides a ride and an aerial experience, offering unparalleled views of the city as you soar above the river. Making your way to this charming, narrow Island is as delightful as the discoveries await. Whether you’re seeking tranquility or picturesque cityscapes, Roosevelt Island and its tramway promise an unforgettable journey right in the heart of New York City.

Roosevelt Island offers stunning views of Manhattan and a visit to Franklin D. Roosevelt Four Freedoms Park to see the memorials.

There’s also ample green space perfect for picnics, such as the new Riverside Park, Southpoint Park, Capobianco Field, and Lighthouse Park, which houses an 1850s landmark lighthouse. Along Main Street, you can browse local shops and grab a bite to eat at island restaurants.

What is the future of Roosevelt Island?

An ambitious $100 million project is underway to build a public promenade along the eastern riverfront called the Islandwide Promenade Plan. This eco-friendly development will help guard against flooding and provide pedestrian green space for all to enjoy. Phase one recently opened near Southpoint Park.

You can escape skyscrapers for cherry trees on this island, which is full of history and culture. Getting to Roosevelt Island is easy, but leaving your worries behind is even easier. Many potential visitors still don’t know much about the Island’ because it’s small and not a business destination.

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