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LGA Airport: Your Premier Entry Point to New York City

Exploring LGA Airport: Your Gateway to New York City

LaGuardia Airport (LGA) is located in the heart of New York City. The airport was named after Fiorello H. La Guardia, the city’s mayor from 1934 to 1945. He played a significant role in advocating for the airport’s construction during the Great Depression. LaGuardia Airport has a rich history that matches the stature of New York City as a global metropolis.

LaGuardia Airport

LaGuardia Airport

A Quick History of LGA Airport

The construction of the new airport began in 1937 under the New Deal’s Works Progress Administration program to provide jobs through federal infrastructure projects. The goal was to build an updated centralized airport to serve New York’s five boroughs, replacing smaller airfields like Flushing and College Point, Queens.

The airport was officially dedicated and opened on October 15, 1939, under New York Municipal Airport-LaGuardia Field, only six years after the former mayor first proposed its creation. A hundred years ago, Mayor La Guardia envisioned an airport that now connects New York to essential destinations, driving economic growth.

Over 80 years later, LaGuardia remains vital for air travel in and out of New York City. The airport serves over 30 million passengers annually on flights operated by leading carriers like American Airlines, Southwest Airlines, United Airlines, Delta Air Lines, and more.

As a significant base for American and Delta, LaGuardia offers nonstop service to over 70 domestic destinations, as well as Toronto and Montreal in Canada.

The Most Recent Renovation at LGA

LaGuardia Airport has undergone significant renovations in recent years to increase its capacity. The airport has added new concourses, renovated old terminals, built new parking garages, and upgraded various facilities. In 2018, the Governor of New York announced plans to rebuild LaGuardia for $8 billion.

The project will create over 2 miles of new passenger gates by 2026. The rebuild aims to connect terminals seamlessly, provide ample gates and concessions, and offer top-quality passenger amenities.

LaGuardia Airport, the nearest airport to Midtown Manhattan, is the favored domestic airport in New York City. The ongoing upgrades aim to ensure world-class service at LaGuardia. LGA connects New York to various destinations. LaGuardia car services offer quick rides to NYC upon arrival.

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