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Construction at JFK Terminals 1 and 5

Major Construction at Terminal 1 and 5 at JFK Airport

The major project at John F. Kennedy International Airport at Terminals 1 and 5 is now under construction as of June 6th and is expected to continue for approximately two years. However, this project also means adjustments must be made, particularly in ground transportation for luxury vehicles, black cars, and ride-share services. The Port Authority has implemented changes in access and pick-up procedures to ensure a smooth experience for arriving passengers.

Due to the magnitude of the construction project, terminal 1 and 5 access at JFK Airport will be significantly restricted. As a result, the Port Authority has decided to stop curbside pick-up for all for-hire vehicles at these terminals. This means that luxury chauffeured vehicles and black car service will no longer be able to pull up to the arrivals curb or make meet and greet service, which was previously a convenient option for passengers.

Construction at JFK Airport

Construction at JFK Airport

Terminal 1

Terminal 1 at JFK Airport offers a wide range of services and serves various destinations. It houses numerous airlines and provides an array of amenities for travelers. The terminal is the first terminal at the entrance of JFK Airport, making it easily accessible for passengers flying to and from New York City.

At Terminal 1, chauffeurs must park their vehicles and meet passengers inside since curbside pick-up is no longer available. Passengers must collect their luggage and board a shuttle to transport them to a designated holding lot. Within this holding lot, chauffeured vehicles will be waiting. The estimated time from boarding the shuttle to the waiting vehicles is approximately 15 minutes.

Terminal 5

On the other hand, Terminal 5 has a different procedure in place. Chauffeurs can park at the terminal’s designated parking structure, meet passengers in the arrivals area, assist with luggage collection, and take a 15-to-20-minute walk back to their parked vehicles. Once in their cars, they can exit the parking structure and eventually leave the airport grounds.

Although these changes may cause temporary inconveniences, they are necessary to complete the construction project successfully. The Port Authority and JFK Airport have minimized disruptions and ensured a positive passenger experience. They have established clear communication channels to address concerns, implemented noise reduction measures, and provided alternative transportation options.

As the construction project progresses and the envisioned improvements take shape, passengers and ground transportation providers must remain patient and adaptable. These changes are part of a larger plan to transform JFK Airport into a world-class travel hub capable of accommodating the growing demands of air travel while providing enhanced passenger amenities.

JFK Shuttle Service at Terminal 1 and 5

Therefore, passengers and ground transportation providers can navigate the construction impacts smoothly by understanding and embracing these changes. Passengers arriving at Terminal 1 will board 15-20 minute shuttles to a designated holding lot, where chauffeured car service will be waiting. At Terminal 5, chauffeurs will park in the designated parking structure and meet passengers in the arrivals area. By doing so, they can take advantage of the promise of a brighter future for JFK Airport on the horizon.

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