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New York City

New York City Travel Information

There is no off-season for New York City travel, but the holidays can make venturing to the city all the more precarious. With options via road, air, and train, it’s important to choose the mode of transportation that works best for you, and saves you the most time.

Upon landing at most airports around the country, the next step is to rent a car, get a taxi or call a car service. But the New York City and Newark metropolitan areas don’t require this need. Combined, the areas house the most elaborate public transportation system in the country, sending you to any part of the city you have to reach in less time, and with less stress. Even Newark airport now offers a direct train into Penn Station-NY, with a total transit time of just less than 35 minutes, and a cost of less than $15 one way. Meanwhile, JFK, LaGuardia or Newark airports offer easy connections to the New York City MTA system. If you do elect to rent a car, you could find yourself sitting in tri-state area traffic for hours on end. The choice is obvious; the New York and New Jersey experience is a far less stressful one via train.

Despite the ease and relative low cost of public transportation, it is still advised to allow plenty of time when getting around New York City or New Jersey. During the fall and winter months, this especially holds true. Issues due to weather can hamper the system, causing unexpected delays. Be sure to check schedules on a regular basis, and consider downloading the MTA app for your smart phone.

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