Newark, NJ United Airlines Update Information

Departing for overseas travel can be a very stressful endeavour. If you are going for a period of two weeks, which seems to be a standard time for overseas travel, you can have a number of questions. Questions such as should I take a Limo Service, if so what Limo Service? What airline should I fly? If your in a large city you even have to decide what airport to fly out of. The Daisy Limo Service has convenient transportation options, as well as can provide you with Airline updates to make the best arrangements for your travels. United Airlines is our feature of this post, and we hope this will make your 2015 travel plans out of the Newark Airport a breeze.

United Airlines has a few updates to be noted for the 2015 calendar year, and the fact that the Newark Airport is a United Airlines hub, chances are good you will be utilising this airline. A few United Airlines updates of note for 2015 are as follows:

Baggage fees:

United Airlines Baggage fees may be charged for the first two checked bags. A checked bag for economy can only be 50 pounds, and for first class it can be up to 70 pounds. It is still the case that you can have a maximum of two bags. Also, in previous years it was normal that you got the first checked bag free, but in 2015 that is subject to review.

United Airlines Premier Status:

For the 2015 calendar year, United Airlines Premier Status will be based on the miles accumulated in 2014. The other big item to note is that for 2015 there are a few ways to collect miles on United Airline Flights. Miles can be accumulated through United, United Express, Copa Airlines, and selected airline partners. Keep this in mind as you make travel plans, because the accumulation of points will cause you to create some brand loyalty.

United Airline Newark Airport Check-in Times:

Newark, NJ is on the United Airlines list for a 45 minute bag check-in prior to flight. Meaning, you will need to check your bags 45 minutes prior to your departure. This is important to know, because if you take a New Jersey Limo as your ride to Newark Airport, you will need to schedule your departure time in advance of this. Daisy Limo Service is a great option to meet this requirement.

These are some items that are important to think about in the planning of your next trip from the Newark Airport. Whether you are looking to take a trip to London, or see the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, make the trip convenient and stress free is all to important these days. Daisy Limo Service will be prompt in delivering you to the Newark Airport terminals and can make your travel experience more enjoyable. So for your next ride to Newark Airport, think of Daisy Limo Service as your selected mode of transportation.

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