Travel to Bermuda


This archipelago of 120 islands is nestled some 600 miles off the coast of North Carolina. And while it might seem like a far cry from the postcard atmosphere of Hawaii or the Bahamas, Bermuda shines brightly as having its own uniquely Caribbean feel.

Beaches throughout the islands are famous for having a rather unusual color of sand. Yes, pink sand beaches are a real thing. In Bermuda, this natural phenomenon occurs due to thousands of small, colored vertebrae getting crushed by the harsh waves of the Atlantic. Given the islands’ location in the middle of the mighty ocean, waves tend to be a bit more direct when hitting the coastline.

Perhaps the most famous beach in Bermuda is Horseshoe Beach, where you will see a healthy dose of the pink coast. Don’t worry about renting a car, as the most popular forms of transportation to and from the sand involve using scooters, mopeds, or bicycles. Once you settled on the beach, you won’t need to relocate for many hours.

If airfare prices to Hawaii turn you off from tropical traveling, then Bermuda might be a better all around option. For east coast travelers, the flight is only 2 hours one way and can fly nonstop. Out of New York City, options include JetBlue, American, United, or Delta. These fares can vary in price, reaching their peak during the summer months. But overall, you won’t have an issue if you book advance. Fares in January and February are an average between $399 and $599. Go ahead and book your Bermuda adventure today, to experience a destination that’s truly one of a kind. Try to reserve your hotel, air ticket and ground transportation service in advance, when you need to book a limo service in New Jersey call Daisy Limo or visit our website.


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