Ground Transportation

Daisy Executive Limousine is specialized Ground Transport options to domestic and International travelers in New Jersey, New York and Connecticut States.


Daisy Executive Limousine and Airport service provides specialised Ground Transport options to domestic and International travellers in New Jersey, New York and the Connecticut States. Travellers are departing or arriving at major airports such as the Teterboro Airport (TEB), LaGuardia Airport (LGA), John F. Kennedy Airport (JFK), Morrison Town Airport (MMU) and Newark International Airport (EWR). You can rely on Daisy Executive Limousine and Airport Services for reliable transfer and logistic services for Ground Transport services.
Daisy Limousine services are dependable and timely. Clients are getting catered for with a range of Sleek Sedans, Limousines, Vans and SUV that are available for quick and secure Ground Transfers. They service regions such as New Jersey, New York, Connecticut and all surrounding areas. Clients can book for our services as early as they can to facilitate their movements with urgency. Our Ground Transport Services will help you navigate through the state seamlessly once arriving at the airport.
Travellers passing through Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR) can book or buy their tickets at the Newark International Airport. EWR airport is connected to the internal monorails to a station between Newark Amtrak and New Jersey. Travellers can also book their tickets from vending machines for any trip into New York.
Ground Transportation and Airport Services
Travellers have a difficult time locating a reliable Ground Transport Service. First Time travellers to Newark International Airport should keep in mind that there are several ground transfer options available. These include Limousines, bus, train, transfer, car rentals and airport service. The Port Authorities have catered for a flawless transfer process from one airport to another.

Ground Transportation Options

Train Stations in New Jersey and New York Area
Free and operational twenty-four hours a day, the trains are the most convenient mode of Ground Transfer available throughout the year. It is the most affordable mode of transfer of large masses to major destinations. Trains such as the Air Train Newark and JFK makes stops around the airline terminals, rental car facilities hotel shuttle areas and parking lots. It also provides easy connections to NJ Transit It goes through major destinations such as Manhattan and Philadelphia. You need not worry about traffic.

Limousine Service
Daisy Executive Limousine and Airport Service is one of the best Ground Transfer Companies in the East Coast region. They offer the best services at reasonable rates. They ensure safety, reliability and comfort throughout the transit period. Daisy Executive Limousine and airport Service will definitely fulfil your travel desires.

Airport Service
The Air Train service is not available at other major airports. Travellers between JFK and La Guardia do not have the luxury of the Air Train service. Travellers have the option of Using for Daisy Executive Limousine and Airport Service or the shuttle bus service. Daisy Executive Limousine and Airport Service is reliable, fast and convenient for the New York Traveler. They have an array of luxury Sedans, Limousines and SUVs to choose from.

Car Rentals
There are car rental options for the travellers who love to chauffeur themselves from the airports to the East Coast states and cities of New York and New Jersey. Travellers who prefer to drive their way around New York and New Jersey can hire a car from one of the car rental service providers in JFK Airport, Teterboro Airport, LaGuardia Airport, and the Newark International Airport. There are toll stations along the major highways; travellers should ensure that their rentals have transponder tags for the toll service lest they will end up paying the fee with cash.

Bus and Port Authority
Travellers opting to use the bus service ought to know which one to use when travelling. Bus service such as the Newark Airport Express provides a convenient way of travelling between New York City and the airport and vice versa. The Air Train will connect passengers to the NJ Transit and Amtrak from Newark Liberty International Airport. To transit to New York City, travellers will board the bus from travellers Station to the specific area they want to travel to. Prior to the travel one is required to know which bus you will travel with.

For the best Ground Transfer Service try Daisy Executive Limousine and Airport Service, reserve online or access their contacts on the website.

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